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CEA offers a straight clean-out where clients pay a flat fee to remove everything from the premises. A ticket will be issued for donations. Our team will go into any home, condo, townhome, restaurant or warehouse. No size is too small or too large. We will sort through your items to place in our store and get rid of the things you no longer have a need for. We will take items for consignment or we will donate them. You are charged depending on the size of your things and volume. Our team will conduct a clean-out, while the owner chooses what will happen to their remaining items. Deborah opened her brick-and-mortar store front at 2021 W. Division Street for people who can’t have an estate sale due to HOA ‘s restrictions.  CEA knows those funds from an Estate Sale would help facilitate funds to help out loved ones. By CEA conducting a cleanout and offering consignment options, this still can happen.

Prices start at $600 for an apartment or condo

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