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How do you help someone you care about when it will cost you money that you don’t have?  This is just one of many reasons why Deborah Fossett from Chicago Estate Advisors LLC conducts Estate Sales.

The first step is for Deborah to come to your home and conduct an assessment which will determine the items to be sold, the number of days the sale should take place, the size of the team needed to clean and stage the home for the sale of the items. Our team will organize the space and take new photographs once the home has been staged (title, description, photos, etc.). We then publish the photographed items to several social media platforms and various estate sales websites. An email will then be sent out to previous estate sale clients. For privacy purposes, the property location will only be made public at 9:00AM the day before the estate sale. Maximum sale dates are 4 consecutive days. If you are selling your property, CEA recommends you contact your real-estate agent for a current MLS sheet for the days of the sale.  We know from experience that during an estate sale people are not there just for the tangibles from the home, they are also there in the event that the home is for sale as well.

Estate Sale Image with items along a table
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